BY Steve Politis, ESQ.

Alcott HR

March 2024

As we geared up for this year’s first quarter board meeting and retreat, there was a palpable sense of excitement and purpose among all who make up NAPEO leadership. This year’s retreat in the picturesque landscapes of Marana, Arizona, concluded about a week ago, and marked a crucial juncture for us. It sets the stage for next year’s strategic planning retreat which occurs every three years.

The venue, a beautiful resort in Dove Mountain, offered a serene backdrop for robust discussions and collaborative efforts. Make no mistake, this retreat is not about enjoying the scenery. We had an important agenda that required our collective focus and dedication.

One of the key features of this year’s retreat is that we have new facilitators who have prior dealings with our esteemed CEO, Casey. The decision to bring in fresh perspectives and ideas reflects NAPEO’s commitment to innovation and growth. The facilitators not only guided us through the immediate discussions, but also gained valuable experience before next year’s strategic plan review—a critical milestone that will shape the trajectory of NAPEO’s future.

As we gathered in Arizona, our talks were partly framed by our existing strategic initiatives. We also discussed some of my initiatives as chair of our great association, each designed to propel our industry forward.

One of my initiatives is to examine how to keep past chairs involved who still want to participate. Their longevity, wealth of experience and insights can prove invaluable as we continue to navigate the complex landscape of PEOs. The board retreat is a perfect forum to discuss this and explore ways to harness the collective wisdom of our past chairs.

Another initiative that demands our attention and should be a big part of our retreat is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). While we have made some strides in this area, there is still room for improvement. We need to consider how we can become a more inclusive industry. This is not a matter of checking boxes; it should be about fostering an environment where all voices are included. By collectively focusing on DE&I, we can draw on the diverse perspectives within our membership to drive meaningful progress.

Becoming the voice of small and medium businesses (SMBs) is another critical initiative of mine. This involves working closely with other associations and groups and perhaps forming a subcommittee dedicated to exploring these opportunities. By doing so, we strengthen our position as advocates for the backbone of our economy, SMBs.

Lastly, nurturing an environment where new PEOs can be created is vital. To achieve this, we must forge closer ties with associate members and find mentors. Their guidance and support can be instrumental in nurturing the next generation of PEOs, ensuring the continuity and growth of our industry.

In Arizona, minds met, ideas clashed, and resolutions were forged. This board retreat is not just a meeting; it’s a catalyst for change. As we prepare to delve into these initiatives and much more, I am confident that the shared wisdom of our leadership will chart a course that ensures NAPEO’s continued success and relevance. The future is ours to shape, and the journey began in Arizona.





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