BY Steve Politis, ESQ.

Alcott HR

February 2024

It is with great excitement that I reshare the news of the dynamic addition to the NAPEO family—Casey Clark, our new president and CEO. If you have not had the chance to meet him, then when you do, you will feel his enthusiasm and see the knowledge and expertise he brings to our great association.

As a refresher, after a thorough search process, we selected Casey to lead NAPEO into the next phase of growth and advocacy. Remarkably, he has already been on the job for three months, diving headfirst into the intricacies of our industry while purposefully getting to know the NAPEO team, membership and key stakeholders. Despite the vast amount of information and the speed at which we’ve shared details about ourselves and the industry, he has effortlessly retained everything thrown at him. Casey has been a quick study, and it feels like he has been on the job for three years not three months. This reinforces his dedication and eagerness to make an immediate impact while still retaining his methodical and deliberate persona. It is a testament to not only his commitment to the job, but more importantly, reflects the person he is, both professionally and personally.

Let me share a few abbreviated stories that epitomize Casey’s dedication. After he was hired, but months before his official start date, he spent time with me at NAPEO HQ to meet with not only senior staff but all team members, to learn about each and every person at NAPEO, who they are and what they do outside of the office.

To say that Casey took the scenic route to get to his first official day on the job would be an understatement. Prior to Casey even interviewing for the NAPEO job, he had planned a scheduled trip, years in the making, to Paris to celebrate a milestone anniversary with his wife. As luck would have it, his trip overlapped with our December Board meeting in Sarasota. Casey knew he had to celebrate with his wife but also felt compelled to spend some time with the board for our last in-person get together in 2023 and our last meeting with Pat at the helm. I’m not sure how he did it (I didn’t see any direct or connecting flights that took less than 14 hours) but, somehow Casey showed up, on time, for his first day as CEO of NAPEO.

By Casey starting early in December, it allowed him to work closely with Pat for a month. This collaborative period laid the groundwork for a seamless transition and showcased the strong bond between outgoing and incoming leadership. Let’s not forget, the IRS was very active at that time with them releasing their opinion on PEO liability for our clients’ ERTC claims as well as the expedited time sensitive December 31 fax filing option for CPEOs. Nothing like drinking out of a fire hose on day one.

Casey’s previous role as the Senior Vice President of the American Gaming Association provides an ideal perspective that aligns with the challenges faced by the PEO industry. Like gaming, our sector doesn’t neatly fit into regulatory or legislative landscapes, necessitating our role as responsible stewards of the PEO industry.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to extend a warm welcome to Casey. His passion for our industry and commitment to its success make him an invaluable asset to NAPEO, and I am confident that under his leadership, we will continue to reach new heights.

Welcome, Casey!





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