NAPEO member Tandem HR recently announced that Tara Conger has been named as its CEO. Conger, a 17-year veteran in the HR industry, served as Tandem HR’s president for the past two years, leading the firm through multiple strategic changes that spurred unprecedented improvements in customer service, client retention, and company culture. She also serves on NAPEO’s Board of Directors, chairing the Membership Services Committee.  

“I’ve gained invaluable insights on crafting exceptional teams, transitioning from the world of sports to the realm of business. Ultimately, the caliber of individuals drives exceptional outcomes, and we’re witnessing this firsthand at Tandem HR.” In HR and the PEO industry, you’re regularly encountering complex challenges and issues that directly impact not only companies but people. Along with staying in tune with industry shifts, my focus is always on fostering empathy, compassion, and transparency with our employees and clients. When you do that, your organization is going to flourish,” Conger said in a news release announcing the appointment.